Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Chocolate

What? You were not aware that chocolate is vegan? In any case it is a bean –it is extracted from a plant! If you are a chocolate die-hard like me, the thought of forfeiting it, even if for healthier eating habits is definitely an idea you do not even want mentioned in your presence.

Thankfully Cacao is vegan, it’s only the dairy chocolate you have to be mindful of. There is some delicious chocolate made with coconut oil out there. Raw drinking cacao or carob contain no additives so are safe in a plant based diet.

In a meat-obsessed society, a vegan or vegetarian kind of lifestyle still holds a minority position. This type of lifestyle and philosophy is not just demanding but specific. It mandates for vigilance to guarantee that all the food you consume is completely animal-product free.

Luckily, with a rising popularity of this type of lifestyle, there is more production by companies of vegan options to common and popular foods and delicacies such as cherry pie and even mayonnaise. With this, there is no reason genuine enough to compel you to missing out on chocolate and the numerous delicious applications to it just for the mere reason that you are vegan.

In actual truth, there are numerous reasons why you would settle for vegan chocolate over the usual, dairy-based chocolate. Maybe you are lactose intolerant or perhaps dairy products give you allergies; perhaps you have settled for a vegan lifestyle due to healthy concerns or just based on your personal beliefs.

However, who knows, you may just be concerned on the great impact the dairy industry generally has on the environment of this fragile universe of ours or even be doing it as a precautionary measure to avoid consuming pesticides, antibiotic, hormones or many other numerous chemicals milk processing is involved with. Whatsoever your reason, it is no lie that vegan chocolate is indeed a superb, healthy, delicious and safe alternative to typical milk chocolate.

Drinking chocolate: 

As has the popularity of vegan lifestyle has increased globally, so has both the taste and quality of vegan chocolate over the years. To produce a similar texture and delicious taste generally craved by chocolate lovers, vegan has Soya lecithin applied in the place of milk as an emulsifying agent.

Currently, the similarity in taste of vegan chocolate and typical dairy chocolate is so intense that even “Chocoholics” cannot differentiate the two. Actually, the composition blend of organic ingredients in vegan chocolate produces such a purer chocolate experience in comparison to dairy-based chocolate one which can be appreciated even by the mast precise of taste buds.

Organic vegan chocolate is produced form organic powder (cocoa), cocoa butter, coca liquor, soy lecithin and some small amount of stevia cane juice (dehydrated) to guarantee sweetness.


Over the years, Cacao and chocolate both have found significant use as both medicine and sacrament for milk and pure chocolate consumption, vegan chocolate is significantly helpful for your body system although when in rational quantities.

The unhealthy aspect of chocolate only comes through when chemical additives most of which find origin from dairy that is used to adulterate it. As such, you can consume vegan chocolate with no guilt or reservations with the knowledge that you are loyal to the particular diet you have aligned yourself to taking while still enjoying the wonderful decadent delight.