Vegan alternatives to Common Animal Products

Vegan alternatives to Common Animal Products

Many people these days are choosing the vegan lifestyle and are going for vegan alternatives to animal products. First, it is important to know what is the vegan way of living and its benefits. People who follow this lifestyle not only avoid non-vegetarian dishes but also avoid all other products made from animals or by-products of animals. These products include eggs, dairy, fur, honey, leather, silk and many other products. People who choose to live the vegan way avoid the usage of all products in their food and life. The most common food items not encouraged in this lifestyle are milk, eggs, cheese, butter, honey etc. All these products are substituted with vegan food ingredients which are not derived from animals in any way.

There are many health benefits of this lifestyle and many people choose it for the health benefits and to make this world more humane and kind for animals. They believe that humans and animals should live in harmony and one should not harm the other for the daily needs. Nowadays there are vegan alternatives to animal products and it is very easy to avoid all animal-based products because of the availability of these vegan ingredients. Foods like meats and dairy are being substituted by products made up of nuts ,plant proteins, and things like tofu. All these products resemble the animal based products and taste very similar. Here are 5 vegan alternatives to animal products which not only improve your health but also make this world a less cruel place for animals:

1) Milk: Cow and buffalo milk can be substituted with soy, almond, coconut or oat milk which is easily available and tastes great.

2) Meats: Regular meats like beef, chicken, bacon etc are substituted with plant-based proteins which are low in fat and calories but provide nutrition in the same way as regular meats.

3) Butter and cheese: Nut butters like almond butter, cashew butter, and coconut butter are great substitutes for milk-based butter which is unhealthy. These butters promote healthy cholesterol levels as they are rich in organic good fats.

4) Ice-creams - Icecreams made with almonds, coconut milk, and other fruits are slowly gaining popularity over the dairy ones. All these products are certified GMO-free and vegan so there is no need to control your sweet tooth because of your lifestyle.

5)Yogurt - Do not worry about missing your smoothies if you are trying to turn to a vegan lifestyle. Yogurt made with almond milk and coconut milk are easy substitutes for the milk yogurt. Add some chopped fruits and nuts to turn this into a healthy meal in itself.

All these products are healthy vegan alternatives to animal products and can be chosen according to your preference. This lifestyle is a great way to create a sustainable world for your yourself and for the future. The products contain all the health benefits of animal products but are free of harmful fats which can lead to many lifestyle diseases. Go the vegan way if you want to eliminate the cruelty done to animals for extraction of all these products.