Honey vs Sugar low GI

31 January 2017 Tags: honey Category: Diet Reading Time: about 4 minutes Honey vs Sugar low GI

While brewing a hot cup of tea, do you choose honey over sugar? Well, although both of them add sweetness to your drink, their nutritional benefits are not the same.

Both honey and sugar are primarily composed of glucose and fructose. Being carbohydrates, they are also used as the major ingredients in most canned foods and recipes. Due to their carbohydrate content, both of them can lead to weight gain, if you do not control the portions.

Honey has a reputation for being healthier (primarily for the low GI), but it is still not considered as a health food. So which one among the two should you choose for staying fit and cutting down a couple of pounds? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll tell you in the following section. Read on to know which one you should choose when it comes to honey vs sugar.