Sugar and Insulin

Refined sugar contains no nutrients. Its pure calories. And as its consumed it triggers the hormone insuline to be released. After eating sugar or chabohydrates it causes insulin levels to rise. This is a hormone that triggers a “I’m satisfied” signal. As the levels of insuline subside in our blood ghrelin levels rise; Which is triggers a “I’m hungry” signal. It is possible to develop insensitivity to these hormones which can through out your awearness of hunger. Being hungry or being full become faint urgers.

But is it as addicitve as cocaine? And if so how? The simple matter is no, its not as addictive. You don’t see sugar junkies robbing supermarkets for bags of sugar. But you do see cake/cookie/dougnut enthusiasts buying out bakery shelvies (I’d fall under the cookie enthusiast category). So what gives? When sugar is in a 50/50 ratio with fat it tends to be irristable. That goes for fries/hash browns etc which also have a half half sugar fat ratio or close to it. It is suggested that this comes from birth as breast milk has a 50/50 ratio or carbs and fat. This could explain why these fast foods a common comfort food. But its hard to prove its a childhood dirivitave (if you know of any studies let me know); It could just be something in humans or mamals metabolisim.


As with most things refiend its effects are amplified. If there are detrimental effects these to are amplified. Be it sugar, cocaine, corn starch or even something as simple as fruit juice.

Juicing is a from of refinement. As the fiber is removed the liquid passes the stomach into the intestine where its rapidly absorbed into our blood. Normally when consuming fructose the fibers carry it through a much slower digestion process.


Insulin is a peptide hormone produced by beta cells of the pancreatic islets; ... It regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates ... especially glucose from the blood into liver ... Glucose production and secretion by the liver is strongly inhibited by high concentrations of insulin in the blood. Circulating insulin also affects the synthesis of proteins in a wide variety of tissues. Wikipedia